Plant List

Océ Arizona 460 GT

Océ Arizona 460 GT RFO

Océ Arizona 360 GT

Océ Arizona 360 RFO

Roland Soljet ProIII 740

Roland Soljet ProIII 540 with vinyl cut feature

Easymount Laminator

Dyss 7, with Router, oscillating Knife, drag knife and kiss cut tool

Zund, with Router, oscillating Knife and drag knife

Keencut Evolution cutter

2 x Kasemake CAD design workstation with 3D visualisation

Suite of AppleMac workstations

Central AppleMac Server

AppleMac TimeCapsule BackUp/Archive

Drobo Raid System

Clarity MIS System running throughout the business

ON Offsite backup/archive system

Konica Minolta Pro Press 1100 Series DIGITAL PRESS with variable data

Polar Guillotine

Foldnak Stitcher/Booklet Maker

KM Booklet Maker/Stitcher

2 x Wiro Binder

EZ Creaser

AM Crossfolder

3 x Hollow Punch Drill

Extensive Workshop with power tools

Warehouse/Storage Facility

Acrylic Fabrication Facility